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the journey to digital transformation.
The age of Digital Transformation is upon us. Businesses, in order to stay competitive if not merely in business, must transform. With the infrastructure of cloud and mobile now in place, it’s easier for smaller more agile businesses to create a niche profitable business from a slice of a larger business. Facebook, Airbnb, Netflix, and Uber are just the start. Customers have almost unlimited choice, are constantly connected and have the power to bury a business with social media. For a business to be truly innovative, they must have the wherewithal to disrupt their own business.

In a larger sense, APIs are the secret sauce to becoming digital, that is, to transforming business so that innovation can happen at a faster pace, so that barriers to change are reduced, so that many more people can contribute to your company’s success, and so that you can create better products and defend yourself from the competition.” -Forbes

our strategy.

We work with companies to understand how technology can help them to innovate to serve current and future customers, employees and partners better, and how they can develop and build their confidence in new digitally-enabled ways of doing business. We have 4 objectives that spans Digital Transformation.

    Cloud Computing & Hyperconnectivity.

  • Hyper-connectivity describes the rapid growth of interconnectedness between people, devices, and technology. For a start it is predicted that they will be 20 billion connected devices by 2020. People have access to more data and information than ever before, and they have the ability to develop and maintain more social and business connections across the globe than at any other time in history.
  • Cloud technology is a great equalizer for organizations, whether a company is a huge enterprise or a small start-up. Companies of any size can now access technologies that may have been previously unattainable, such as advanced predictive analytics, and jumpstart their ability to disrupt. Business have number of choices to make for their cloud deployments. They can choose from – Private Cloud, Community Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud.
  • Data, APIs & Analytics.

  • Data and Analytics encompass the collection, management, and interpretation of internal and external data on a large scale that can be used to dramatically alter or improve organizational performance.
  • Well, Gartner states that digital business will disrupt all industries and will drive radical changes in the applications that companies run to operate, stay relevant and prosper. And that APIs are at the core of enabling application transformation for digital business, providing access to functionality and data from existing applications to the new digital business applications.
  • Customer Engagement.

  • We are all familiar with apps and digital experiences that are addictive like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Spotify or apps we simply can’t do without such as Whatspp, Skype, Yelp or Evernote. As consumers, we experience some of these apps as seamless: we are delighted, addicted to some of them or at least have become dependent on these experiences to save us effort and time. Digital consumers’ new purchase processes are having a profound impact on how businesses need to interact with them. The businesses must deliver consistent & omni channel services throughout the customer journey.
  • Business Innovation.

  • Successful Digital Transformation comes not from creating a new organization, but from reshaping the organization to take advantage of valuable existing strategic assets in new ways. It’s not that the concept of innovation is new. Businesses have always had to adapt to survive: technologies change, customer expectations change, and competitors catch up and pose a threat. But what is new is the pace of innovation, which has accelerated exponentially thanks to the potential that’s been unlocked by digital technologies.

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