30 Chrome Extensions for your Digital Marketing

Pagezii connected with 30 digital marketing experts to find out what their favorite Chrome extension is and how they use it to enhance their marketing efforts. The idea behind the article is “to help every Marketer in their day-to-day tasks.” What’s great about the list is that it’s never ending. Our own CEO, Chris Hood […]

3 Steps for Online Content Development

Content development is not as scary as it may sound. In fact developing unique content to be used online is much easier than you’d expect. As you’ve probably heard, ‘content is king,’ and the seemingly endless need for fresh content is a demand facing everyone with an internet presence. This need is particularly true if […]

Search Engine Optimization in Orange County

Looking for help with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Orange County, California? We’re guessing that’s how you found this page. You’re probably thinking that this article is just some blatant attempt to rank this page in search engines based on the term “Search Engine Optimization in Orange County” and in some ways, you’d be […]