We build bridges between companies and customers.

Our team will help you streamline all aspects of your business operations, from marketing to innovation, all with the power of AI.

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Together we are strong.

We all work toward one goal: to empower businesses with AI, sensibly.

Synsible AI revolutionizes the integration of artificial intelligence into business landscapes by offering smart, ethical, and pragmatic solutions. Guided by our motto “AI the Sensible Way,” we specialize in crafting cohesive AI strategies, customizing efficient algorithms, and transforming data into actionable insights. Our mission transcends technological innovation to focus on ethical practices and real-world applicability.

We don’t just offer you a product; we offer you a partnership anchored in deep-rooted expertise and agile execution. Our team comprises some of the industry’s most seasoned professionals, many of whom have honed their skills at tech giants like Google and Amazon. Founded by Chris Hood, a recognized leader in the innovation sector, our foundation rests on 35 years of business development experience. Chris’s journey in leveraging AI began in 1999 with his company, Digireel. 

This wealth of expertise imbues us with the unique ability to integrate AI in a way that is both revolutionary and grounded. Our engineering teams, built to be agile and adaptive, can quickly scale to meet the needs of any project, no matter the complexity. When you engage with Synsible, you’re not just getting cutting-edge AI solutions; you’re gaining the momentum of a team that accelerates your business goals. Partner with us to create a legacy of intelligent, innovative, and sensible business solutions.

Chris Hood

Chris Hood

Founder & CEO

“Our goal is to build tools that give customer-facing teams the ability to create engaging and enduring relationships with customers.”


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